Domini Hoskins Black History Museum

we believe in creating positive social interaction and outreach by providing historical awareness.

The Domini Hoskins Black History Museum is unique in that it highlights the contributions that African Americans have made to this country. Black history is the first line of defense against racism and prejudice. By promoting historical awareness, children, youth, & adults will have the resources to compete and succeed in our progressing society. 

& Learning Center

Carolyn Hoskins is the founder, executive director, and curator of the Domini Hoskins Black History Museum and Learning Center. She is also widow of Robert "Bob" Hoskins, a former SF 49er's Defensive Tackle and an executive board member of the NFL Alumni Northern California Chapter. The idea to start the museum occurred to her when she was working on a Black History Report with her grandson. For 15 years she has been collecting artifacts and memorabilia to add to the meseum. "This is very passionate to me. Students are not getting the knowledge of Black History in school. Not only that, but schools only allow one month of learning. Students should have access to African American Culture all year round; that is where the museum comes in."    

We are a mobile museum offering a range of cultural artifacts, all designed to educate and inform our communities about Black History. Whether you're looking for a small visual or complete overhaul, we have you covered. We hand down the history by providing education that will eliminate cultural illiteracy. We have traveled to schools in Richmond, San Francisco, Atherton Burlingame, and Redwood City. With your support, we are looking to find a permanent location.

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